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What started as a conversation between two, grew into a meeting between three, and then a meal with four. The four founders had many meetings and discussions after this and realized that something very special had evolved in the form of a Zero Carbon Heat storage system. This new system would provide excellent savings in respect to rising heating costs, and would jump NZ forward in the race to meet the Zero Carbon agenda.

During our journey we also investigated our polluted water systems. Each year, the news is filled with headlines warning of invasive species, harmful algal blooms, and deadly cyanotoxins plaguing our lakes, ponds, and waterways. As urban development, pollution and natural habitat loss continue to rise, our aquatic ecosystems suffer from nutrient loading and poor water quality. We are excited to be part of the solution with tools to restore the health and balance of our ecosystems with the use of our nanobubble technology. This will purify our waterways, improve horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics and dairy. We can combat these unprecedented obstacles and restore water quality with our natural nanobubble solution.


The Sand Box Company was born out of a mutual commitment to better New Zealand, and from good old fashioned Kiwi ingenuity and innovation. We welcome you to join us on our exciting journey...


Mountain Ridge


To provide Zero Carbon Heating systems well in advance of New Zealand's target Agenda 2030, and to provide a natural solution to help restore water quality of our local aquatic ecosystems


At The Sand Box Company we want to lead the way to a better energy efficient future for this generation and many generations to come, and to show the way in innovative solutions that are good for the planet

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