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Industrial & Commercial

Generate And Store Your Own Heat


We make going Zero Carbon easy for you to reduce running costs

and eliminate emissions

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One of the biggest opportunities to reduce industrial emissions is through the decarbonisation of process heat. The Sand Box Company will custom a system to your industrial needs so you can save on your energy costs and meet your decarbonising goal


About 40% of New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions come from our energy use. By making better choices about how we use energy in our everyday life, we can reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions and help fight the effects of climate change. The Sand Box Company have the answer for all your commercial energy needs to save you money while you save the planet

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A staff checking solar panels

Maintenance & Support

The Sand Box Company's skilled experts provide full maintenance service for your heating and power system. We custom design a program to your specific needs to ensure delivery is maintained at maximum efficiency

Safe & Reliable

We provide a secure sustainable energy system that solves the answer for heating and power in a low emission world. The government’s energy strategies set the policy direction, and priorities fall on New Zealand businesses to focus on transitioning to lower carbon emissions. The Sand Box Company can help you take control of your current and future energy requirements

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Great Savings &
Return on Investment

One of the most obvious ways that renewable energy can save you money is by reducing your energy bills. You can now have renewable energy installed directly into your current operation. Depending on how much capacity you install and your energy usage, our resources can cover a significant portion or even all of your energy needs

Sustainable &
Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy is derived from renewable resources that can maintain current operations without jeopardizing the energy needs or climate of future generations.  By reducing demand for electricity from the local lines, and generating it yourself using renewable clean energy, you'll be helping reduce New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions and your company's carbon footprint

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