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Zero Carbon Heating

Climate change is the most urgent global environmental challenge of our time

We must be bold and accelerate decarbonisation to leave future generations a healthy, stable planet

Specific Design

At The Sand Box Company we design a solution specifically for your energy needs with the ability to add on to support your expandable future. Our system can increase with you as you grow. Talk to us today about your bright and zero carbon future


Collective Experience

Our collective expertise comes from many decades of dealing with the energy needs of individuals, businesses and industries. Our respective fields include Thermodynamics, Coefficient of Performance, Electrical Stability, Solar Efficiency, Commercial Construction and Architectural Design. Together we are The Sand Box Company


Service & Support

Product performance and customer service are closely linked in any quality program. At The Sand Box Company we provide support to you through the design phase and installation, and offer an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your system is working at maximum performance

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